Whole Hog Conway Website

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Whole Hog Conway’s website features smooth scrolling over beautiful, tantalizing photos of food, along with a slider with an autoplay video featuring rib glazing at its finest. Important features for this client were the showcasing beautiful food images, ease of use for guests, including mobile optimization, easy-to-read, downloadable menus, as well as quick and easy forms for obtaining information for catering and eClub sign-ups for their loyalty club and email newsletters. Another form feature includes the Feedback form, which welcomes guests, satisfied and dissatisfied alike, to provide honest and open feedback for the betterment of their food and service. Finally, this client is a well-known local philanthropist organization and a steady pillar of the community. It was important to them for donation-seekers to be able to easily access their information request form, so we created a landing page with instructions and downloadable PDF form to fill out and return to the store. There are many other features in this custom-designed website theme that warrant a look and click through!

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