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Home Buyers Protection is any home buyer’s dream come true when it comes to scheduling home inspections. This site features real life testimonials from clients right away on the homepage for prospective clients to peruse. If the home buyer is ready to schedule an inspection, they are readily able to do so from any page on the website so that at any point in their research of Home Buyers Protection, they can quickly and easily access the final step in contacting this company to schedule their home inspection. Home Buyers Protection has learned from over 50 years of combined experience that trust and reliability is of utmost importance for the purchaser and that is why we have created an easy to navigate, simple, beautiful website allowing the home buyer to find any information at all they’d like to know about HBP. Content is simple and straightforward when it comes to services and fees, you know the name and face of exactly who you are talking to, as well as the background and experience of each inspector on staff at HBP, and there’s even a fully detailed walk through of what the inspection looks like. This layout and design would work beautifully for any contracting service or business where information giving and quick contact are high priority!

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