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Eat My Catfish is THE catfish and crawfish provider for Central Arkansas, so we had to go big or go home for this website! Just a click to the homepage showcases the beautiful, custom designed labor of love that is evident in the delicious food images, Ken Burns Slider, and photos of people and story woven throughout the website. This client has a true, deep love of people, raising them up as leaders, as well as an appreciation for his heritage and connection to this state, his family, his grandma’s cooking, and fishing puns. Eat My Catfish caters over 500 events across the state of Arkansas, so quickly gathering information is important to this client, as can be seen by the custom “Get a Quote” button that appears on every page. Their wide range of menu items is featured beautifully and elegantly on their menu page with ever-present sections appearing on the side for a quick jump to the next section. Hosting the menu on a page makes single menu items and pricing changes a breeze for them when these occur, rather than uploading menu files each time a change is made! Eat My Catfish features a Careers page with their mission, values, and benefits upfront for the career-seeker to read over before applying, because, as they say, “We don’t hire fry cooks, we hire future managers!” The application begins a process which is fully carried out through an internal website custom built for their needs.

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